Method of Work Notes - Syntax and Style
Syntax and Style

"direct quote" [-- Name, Identity or Entity] = A direct quote from "Name, Identity or Entity"

[text] = Text supplied or paraphrased by note-taker

[Name, Identity or Entity :] = A paraphrasing of Name, Identity or Entity

[Item or Entity -] = The following is in re "Item or Entity"


General Posts & Notes

Name, Identity or Entity
initial instance bolded & entire
subsequent instances plain and as a long as suitable

(or as found)
if dd = unknown, then value = 00 (June ??, 2005 = 20050600)

space before and after
sentences don't share elipses

Bylines, Dates, Outlet, Copyright, Contact info, etc
BBCode Tag 6 Credits

Body Links
BBCode Tag 2 Valuetitle Cliplink

Quoted Text in Body
BBCode Tag 7 Block Quote

Image Captions
BBCode Tag 5 Caption

Solely Notes

line 1: file-title type title - "yyyymdd Title"
line 2: url text w/embedded link - BBCode Tag 1 Cliplink
line 3: title w/ embedded link - BBCode Tag 4 Headlines w/valuetitle cliplink
line 4: subtitle (when applicable) - italics
line 5: (& additional lines as needed) bylines, dates, publication/outlet, etc - BBCode Tag 6 Credits

BBCode Tag 7 Block Quote

Body Entries
links: BBCode Tag 2 Valuetitle Cliplink
08 Oct 2005 by Simon W. Moon