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Radical roots take hold in southern Iraq
BY TIMOTHY M. PHELPS September 21, 2005
The religious parties in control here are mostly regional variations of those now running the central government in Baghdad.
U.S. government was warned about this by Persian Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
They argued before the Iraq war that ... Hussein [was] barrier to Islamic fundamentalism

"The issue of federalism is very important and very dangerous.""These [petro-]treasures are not for the [people of Basra's] benefit alone, but right now no one [here] thinks they will take part in these treasures at all."
-- Mufid al Mushashae, head of Basra political party based on 1991 uprising Mushashae said a largely autonomous region in the South would end up being controlled by Iran.
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22 Sep 2005 by Simon W. Moon