Letter from the CIA to Conyers
30 January 2004

The Honorable John Conyers, Jr.
Ranking Democratic Member
Committee on the Judiciary
House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Mr. Conyers:

Thank you for your letter of 29 September 2003 to the Director of Central intelligence (DCI) regarding any contacts the Central intelligence agency has had with the Department of Justice (DoJ) to request an investigation into the disclosure earlier that year of the identity of an employee operating undercover. The DCI has asked me to respond your letter on his behalf.

Executive order 12333 requires CIA to report to the Attorney General "possible violations of criminal law." In accordance with executive order 12333 on 24 July 2003, a CIA attorney left a phone message for the chief of the counterespionage section of DOJ noting concern with recent articles on this subject and stating that the CIA would forward a written crimes report pending the outcome of a review of the articles by subject matter experts. By letter dated 30 July 2003, the CIA reported to the criminal division of DOJ a possible violation of criminal law concerning the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. The letter also informed, DOJ that the CIA's Office of Security had opened an investigation into this matter. This letter was sent again to DOJ by facsimile on 5 September 2003.

By letter dated 16 September 2003, and in accordance with standard practice in such matters, the CIA informed DOJ that the Agency's investigation into this matter was complete, provided DOJ a memorandum setting forth the results of that investigation, and requested that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) undertake a criminal investigation of this matter. In a 29 September 2 003 letter, DOJ advised that the Counterespionage Section of DOJ had requested that the FBI initiate an investigation of this matter.

Stanley M. Moskowitz
Director of Congressional Affairs
17 Jul 2005 by Simon W. Moon