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Thought I'd offer a little bit of self-referential, rambling mumbling. Possibly some will find insight into my posts and thoughts from this. Also, I'd just like to make these things a matter of record.

Even though it's so important to me, my doctor and the judge that I believe all of our current politicians and their appointees are honestly and earnestly acting only in what they see as the best interests of America now and to come, on occasion, I harbor fleeting concerns that one day a person who is something less than sterling may slip past the voters or be accidentally appointed to a public trust. One day a politician who puts his own interests and the interests of those who ply him with funds and favors above the best interests of the Americans he serves could find his way into a public trust.

Course, I realize how unlikely it is that such a thing'd occur again in our lifetimes. Yet, it'll occur in some Americans' lifetimes. It may happen in the next hundred months. It may not happen til after the next one hundred years. No matter how long it takes, it's sure to occur. The electorate must actively preserve and acquire all necessary tools to find skullduggery and the appearances of skullduggery. When used properly, these limit the damage potential of hugger mugger scoundrels and reprobates in positions of public trust. The electorate must also actively preserve and acquire all necessary tools to end and correct such perfidy as it is discovered.
As Gee Dubya the First's s'posed t'said, " [government] is a dangerous servant ".

These fleeting concerns are fundamental etiological components of and symptoms of my congenital conservatism. I was born with a hereditary, cantankerous, antigubmint disposition. I take my brain medicine exactly as prescribed. It eases my condition (the cantankerousness) somewhat.
24 Sep 2005 by Simon W. Moon

Rational Ignorance vs. Rational Irrationality
I found this so humorous that I had to share. I shared it w/ my wife and she just sort of looked at me. So maybe no one else will find it funny.
Anyway it's an Economics/Public Choice Theory paper published in Kyklos.

Rational Ignorance vs. Rational Irrationality

Beliefs about politics and religion often have three puzzling properties: systematic bias, high certainty, and little informational basis. ... According to the theory of rational irrationality, being irrational - in the sense of deviating from rational expectations - is a good like any other; the lower the private cost, the more agents buy. A peculiar feature of beliefs about politics, religion, etc. is that ... the private cost of irrationality [is] zero...

B. Caplan
Published in Kyklos 54(1), 2001, pp.3-26.

I rolled and rolled. It's only funny because it sounds so true. It provides some wholesome food for thought.
I guess not every political junkie finds public choice theory fascinating. But they should. I mean, in re politics, it's the functional equivalent of material engineering to literal nuts and bolts. It's what makes up the nuts and bolts of politics.

Here a link to some more of Caplan's work: Academic Economics

Also see:

EconLog Issues and insights in economics Edited by Arnold Kling and Bryan Caplan
24 Sep 2005 by Simon W. Moon

More Iran's Iraq Notes,0,4730214.story?coll=ny-world-big-pix
Radical roots take hold in southern Iraq
BY TIMOTHY M. PHELPS September 21, 2005
The religious parties in control here are mostly regional variations of those now running the central government in Baghdad.
U.S. government was warned about this by Persian Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
They argued before the Iraq war that ... Hussein [was] barrier to Islamic fundamentalism

"The issue of federalism is very important and very dangerous.""These [petro-]treasures are not for the [people of Basra's] benefit alone, but right now no one [here] thinks they will take part in these treasures at all."
-- Mufid al Mushashae, head of Basra political party based on 1991 uprising Mushashae said a largely autonomous region in the South would end up being controlled by Iran.
2005 Newsday Inc
22 Sep 2005 by Simon W. Moon

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