Conservatives and exiles desert war campaign - FT

Conservatives and exiles desert war campaign
By Guy Dinmore
Published: October 11 2005 17:19 | Last updated: October 11 2005 17:19

... American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Heritage Foundation, held conferences on Iraq ... mood among speakers ... decidedly sombre.

[Kanan Makiya:] ... admitting to many “dashed dreams”. [He] seriously underestimated the powers of ethnic and sectarian self-interest ... [and] survivability of the Ba'ath party ... ... also blamed [Team Bush] for poor planning ... too few troops. ... proposed constitution “profoundly destabilising document” that could “deal a death blow” to Iraq ...

[Rend Rahim, Iraqi ambassador to the US:] ... [Iraqi] constitution ... a recipe for greater chaos ... ... would lead to ... devolution of power ... central government would barely exist ...

[Qubad Talabani, rep of Kurdish regional government:]
... delivered a stinging indictment of the central government ...

[Danielle Pletka of AEI:] ... called the constitution deeply flawed ...

CBS poll ... 32[%] of Americans approve of ... Bush's handling of ... Iraq ... 59[%] want US troops out “as soon as possible, even if Iraq is not completely stable”.

[General David Petraeus:]
... concerns [about] not ... enough ... Sunnis [in army &] ... Iraqi soldiers [w/] “conflicting loyalties”.

[Michael Eisenstadt of WINEP:]
... insurgents [now] mounting about 90 attacks a day ... 50 to 70[/day] a year ago.
... if the constitution is approved insurgents will be able to mobilise more support from Sunnis who feel the system is stacked against them. ... [Team Bush's] original goals [for Iraq are] ... out of reach but “something acceptable” ... still possible.

“I don't know if it is winnable, but we haven't lost it yet.”
[--M. Eisenstadt]

[Team Bush:] ... premature pull-out ... would mean ... defeat for the whole “freedom agenda” in the Middle East.

“If we quit now, we will embolden every enemy of liberty and democracy across the Middle East. We will destroy any chance that the people of this region have of building a future of hope and opportunity. And we will make America more vulnerable.”
[--Condoleezza Rice]

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12 Oct 2005 by Simon W. Moon

Poll: Fading Support For Iraq War
Oct. 10, 2005
... of Americans – 55% - think the U.S. should have stayed out of Iraq ... 41% think taking military action there was the right thing to do. As the war began ... 69% said the U.S. did the right thing in taking military action ...
... almost two thirds of Americans think the result of the war with Iraq wasn’t worth the loss of American life and other costs; 32% think it was.
Yes 32%
No 64%
Stay as long as it takes 36%
Leave as soon as possible 59%
... 36% of Republicans, and 45% of conservatives, would like to see U.S. troops out of Iraq ...
... 44% of Republicans think Hussein was involved in 9/11 ...
... 42% think the U.S. military action there has had no effect. 32% think it has made the U.S. safer, while 24% think it has made the U.S. less safe ...
... 62% of those who say their community was impacted ... by the war said that impact was mostly negative; 29% said it was positive ...
... 16% of Americans who say that either they, or a member of their family, has served in the military in Iraq. 43% of them say the war has had a major impact on their community, and another 32% say it has had a minor impact. Of those seeing an impact, 61% said that impact was negative ...

... conducted among a nationwide random sample of 808 adults, interviewed by telephone October 3-5, 2005 ... ... plus or minus four percentage points
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Eventually, the anti-war / pro-peace position re the invasion of Iraq will seem to have always been obvious.

11 Oct 2005 by Simon W. Moon

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08 Oct 2005 by Simon W. Moon

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