Request for interview with a Senator on the SSCI
Request for interview with Senator

Dear ,

My name is Simon W. Moon. And, I'm working on a piece about the Intelligence Committee’s review of pre-war intelligence in Iraq for On February 12, 2004 Senator Roberts' office issued a press release saying that the Committee had unanimously agreed to refine the terms of reference of the Committee’s ongoing inquiry into pre-war intelligence with regard to Iraq. Subsequently, the Committee has issued a report regarding the first set of terms of reference. So far, it has not issued a report regarding the second set of terms of reference.

I'd like to ask the Senator approximately ten to fifteen questions regarding this second part of the report. The format of the interview is entirely up to the Senator and your office- face to face, written correspondence or email.

Please let me know when a good time to talk to you and set up an appointment would be.

For your convenience, I've included a copy of these questions.

Thank you for your time.
04 Aug 2005 by Simon W. Moon